Bulk Wines

Bulk wine, is non-bottled wine, sold alone to wine merchants.
Historically, this is the Monségur Wine Cooperative’s main activity and still accounts for 90% of our sales.
For bulk wine sales, the Monségur Cooperative is associated with 8 other cellars in the region to form the U2VBA label.

Consistent Quality

Thanks to constant cooperation and communication along with specifications that well define the vines best adapted to each terroir.

Our long partnership with Castel also a guarantees thoroughness and regularity.

Maturity control also allows us to organize the grape harvests at the most timely moment, helping us arrive at optimum quality.

Wine Profiles Defined

We have defined wine profiles – from the most structured to the most fruity – these profiles are tracked from vintage to vintage.

 A thorough knowledge of our terroirs makes it possible for us to adjust the blends every year to rediscover the defined profiles.