Our workshops offers branding strategy, brand analysis & brand building solutions to empower our customers to create their own brand!

Thanks to our commercial and marketing expertise paired with a strong relationship with our suppliers, our workshops can offer  support throughout the project : choice of wine quality among various profiles, Private Label OEM design, packaging development (bottle selection, labeling, choice of bottle covers, boxes,…), production and logistics.

Custom Design

– Our customers have the choice between our frequently selected brands and labels found in our catalog,

–  working together to create a completely new brand,

– or bringing in his or her own design to develop collaboratively.

Quick & Efficient

Thanks to strong partnerships with our printers, we can create new labels within  7 working days.

After validating the order and label design, your crafted wine production can be executed within 3 weeks.

Total Flexibility

With NO Minimum order, we can quickly assist you, your distributor, or your client.