The People

A Strong Corporate Culture

The Monségur Cooperative’s family values and work environment are the foundation for a strong corporate culture based on 3 pillars: Solidarity, Continuous Improvement, and Boldness

Solidarity, helping one another, the basis of a “cooperative”, is now naturally observable at all levels of the winemaking process: winegrowers, cellar employees, offices, management …

By challenging ourselves constantly, having a taste for risk and innovation helps us to continuously improve our wines and processes.

Boldness: At the base of cooperation is the distribution of financial risks. The group’s solidarity allows us to invest, to take risks, and to innovate.

Our values

Les Vignerons Réunis de Monségur is comprised of young, old, female, and mal winemakers –  true cooperation in the broad sense. The Monségur Cooperative is a family that values courage, entrepreneurship, but also humility!